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Herein I will show you all what I have done, what I like to do and what I am passionate about.

About me

I was born in 1967 in Dalarna Sweden. Still in Dalarna I have gotten myself a BSc in mechanical engineering specifically in product design and development. I am also a plumber by trade and have all sorts of experiences from this. I am curious and I like problem solving.

Some of my curiosity lead me into the investigation of 3D scanning. That made me buy an SLS-1 structured light scanner.

I like to travel and preferably to Brasil where I have an apartment in Maceio and a building plot in Maracaipe just south of the famous Porto de Galinhas.

I can not be a clone of someone else if I want to stand out and be brilliant. I must stay true to who I am,  keeping my personality including an objective mindset.  I also say; -Don't do it alone! You can have the idea but you can not make it alone, you need to team up.

HAPPY NEW World Expo 2021!

May the force be with you all!

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